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Escargot Drive

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Escargot Drive is a 3-rd party companion application for Bluetooth-enabled ESCORT and Beltronics radar detectors. Escargot Drive receives radar alerts from supported detectors, shows them on a map, manages radar detector settings, and provides situational metrics to radar detectors (e.g. current speed).Escargot Drive is also capable of tracking real-time location events of your choice (for example, accidents, weather conditions, police speed traps, traffic jams, delivery addresses) and displaying event data live on supported radar detectors' screens.
You need to set up your own alerts web service, or use an alert service provided by somebody else to receive and display location alerts in Escargot Drive. The application allows flexible integration with RESTful JSON web services that support HTTP GET or POST requests.
Permissions:Escargot Drive needs: fine location, network, and bluetooth permissions. All other requested permissions are not used by the application, they are required for Google Maps to function properly.